From downward facing dog to warrior one, to mountain pose. Komoshi leggings will make every movement feel fluent and natural. Soft, subtle, and with an inward focus.
But not just during yoga. Feel free and take lightness wherever you go. Run, dance, walk or go to the gym.

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Comfort comes first.

Komoshi leggings have been designed with a technical fabric ideal for sports or physical activities such as yoga, skating, cycling, running, crossfit, dancing, climbing… thanks to their elasticity and great comfort, you will always want to use them, whether for walking the dog, walks in the mountains, or for your day to day life. If you need a reason to wear them, we will tell you that they are so comfortable that they will feel like a second skin.

komoshi yoga leggings for sportswomen flora
komoshi yoga leggings for sportswomen kaplan

Design is not just about product.
Design is about responsability.

At Komoshi we believe that design is about responsibility. That’s why we engage in a slow fashion. We developed your leggings fully conscious. Of the material, the people that produce them, and how it affects our environment.
We push the boundaries, time and time again, to reduce our impact and improve our products.

Colorful leggings.

Colors have the power to evoke every type of feeling. The color of our clothes can influence our mood and sense of well-being, so try to wear more exciting colors and prints. Wearing a lot of colors is so uplifting….!!!!
We have designed colorful and beautiful leggings, which also have an outstanding quality and are extremly comfortable. Quality is an investment in the future.

komoshi yoga leggings for sportswomen blossom

Don’t let anybody stop you. To do what you love.

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